Launching our public API

Today marks a big day for us in Reward Gateway Engineering. We are opening up our API to the public. In simple terms, this provides a way for systems to communicate with each other based on a set of predefined standards. This allows partners to integrate back with Reward Gateway.

We developed our first API way back in 2016. This was for the purpose of launching our Native Mobile Apps. They needed a way to communicate with our products and exchange data back and forth. However, the API we built was just used within our own Native Apps, and we did not expose it publicly. 

From today our API is now publicly available to all of our clients, prospects and third party vendors alike. This will provide them with a new way to access their Reward Gateway data and to build their own solutions on top of our functionalities. For example, a partner might want to create a third party application that uses the Reward Gateway technology to automatically send recognition based on activity in another system. . This opens up a world of opportunities for us and for our partners.

As with everything we release, security is at the forefront of it. To make our APIs as secure as possible, each of our partners will be given unique credentials to access it. They can generate these by accessing the Integration Dashboard on Reward Manager and choosing the REST API option.

Our public developer documentation portal –

Alongside this release, we are also excited to announce the launch of our public developer documentation portal. This hosts all of our developer focussed documentation into one place (i.e. SCIM API documentation will now sit in our developer portal). This will give partners who want to develop applications against our API, access to comprehensive documentation with code examples and other best practices. This documentation will continuously be refreshed and updated as we add more to our API.

We can’t wait to see what you create.

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