Analytics Dashboards designed for user needs

When building products we always start with asking why. Finding the real needs of our clients is a prerequisite to building products and features that are useful, serve people’s needs and even bring delight.

We knew for some time that our reports and the usage data we provide needed to improve. To better meet clients’ expectations and needs. That is why we built our new Analytics Engine.

Understand, ideate, prototype, test!

We don’t do guessing. We do research to develop an understanding about the problem we are solving. Then ideate, empathise, prototype and put our ideas to the test.

Feedback is critical. Sometimes we reach out to key stakeholders whose opinion and feedback is most vital, other times we need the general public to just try out our ideas.

Summary of user research, including 5 internal focus groups, 25 individual sessions and 6 clients involved

For t‍he new Analytics Engine we did 3 focus groups and 18 individual sessions in order to make sure we are building the right solution that will bring maximum value to our clients. And that was only for R&R and Manager Dashboards!

Then another 7 sessions for reporting around Employee Comms and 2 focus groups and a series of meetings with key stakeholders for a SmartSpending dashboard. On a client advisory board in London, led by Reward Gateway’s Head of Product‍, 6 clients were presented the R&R and SmartSpending dashboards. They not only gave feedback and helped with ordering charts on the dashboards, but also discussed challenges around usage stats, return on investment (ROI) and proving the benefit of our platform to leaders in their organisations.

Client Advisory Board participants
Client Advisory Board participants

Continuous feedback and iterations

Since we launched an Alpha version of the Analytics Engine with select clients, people were impressed with its capabilities. But we were not finished yet. We launched a Beta version, expanding to more clients, and later officially released the dashboards. Even today, based on feedback, we do small tweaks and add new features improving the Analytics Engine and continue to delight our customers by providing meaningful insights and empower people to make data driven decisions.

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