Over the last three years we’ve been working to be more transparent with our Product & Engineering work at Reward Gateway. This has resulted in:

  • Our weekly Product Success Newsletter with details of every product improvement we’ve made in the week going on to our Success Portal.
  • Key updates from this appearing in our Spotlight communication on the changes we’re making.
  • Annual retrospective visualisations of our work in 2018 (and soon to follow in 2019.)
  • The scheduling of more events, surveys, and feedback being collected than ever.

This has been great to participate in, but all of these are very much focused on what we’re doing and why we’ve done it as opposed to how. 

  • How did we achieve these results? 
  • How did we overcome challenges along the way? 
  • How would we do it differently if we looked again? 
  • How did we know they were successful?

This is why in 2020 we want to push our boundaries.

We want to empower you with a better understanding of how we do things in Product & Engineering at Reward Gateway. We’ll share with you some of the techniques we’re applying to achieve better results and what we’ve learnt along the way. 

This is our opportunity to contribute back and help live our Mission, to make the world a better place to work, by explaining what we learnt to others in this, our Product & Engineering blog, that we’ve launched today.

This is very different to our main blog. 

In this blog, we won’t be speaking about our products directly but may use them as examples. We won’t be focussing on creating great organisational cultures but will speak to our culture’s role in our teams.  We won’t talk about what great employee communications look like, but will share how our roadmapping and ideation processes works. (You can find those bits on our main blog still though!)

Who’s blogging?

You can expect to hear from voices across the whole of Product & Engineering in this blog. We will be writing about stuff we find interesting as we encounter it, which may end up in a Product of ours you use, but we might just enjoy researching and pursuing at the moment. 

Our goal is for this enthusiasm to come across in every post and help you – perhaps even inspire you to join us. 

We have a great backlog of content drafted to get us started, and we’re excited to start sharing with you what we’re up to.

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